Prior to the execution of project it is important to ensure that all plans and permits are obtained, accurate and diligently understood.

TRAILwood provides the following services in this phase:

  • Review landlord documentation
  • Building addition plan layout
  • Equipment design layout, including equipment schedule and key plan
  • Site Audit
  • Permit, Licenses and Fees
  • Structural Engineering
  • Dangerous or Toxic Substance Report


See your plans come to life in the design phase of the project. With your needs and specs in mind we will design your space with a style that matches your brand, and suits your workflow. We ensure that our drawings meet all applicable codes and local municipal requirements.

Trailwood Development Group Inc. will prepare a complete drawing package which will:

  • Be provided in AutoCAD format.
  • Include all applicable drawings in order to successfully complete the project
  • Equipment design layout, including equipment schedule and key plan
  • Outline the location of all equipment
  • Contain all required drawings to successfully install the equipment


With plans and designs diligently completed, the project must be managed with careful attention to detail and communicated effectively to all parties involved. The project must be scheduled, documentation must be obtained, and materials must be gathered. These tasks can be stressful and overwhelming, but TRAILwood will manage these responsibilities so that you can rest assured that your project will be executed properly, and you can focus on your operations.

Trailwood Development Group Inc. will:

  • Submit the full drawing package to client for approval.
  • Acquire all necessary permits, documentation and certificates
  • Schedule, communicate with and manage client’s vendors and partners
  • Outline the location of all equipment
  • Respond to all RFI’s (Request for Information) issued by the General Contractor
  • Review bids with client and award contract
  • Ensure completion of all inspections


We are committed to quality, ensuring that the construction project is executed to the highest standards. We work as an intermediary between the hired General Contractor and you, to ensure the final product satisfies all expectations of timelines, quality, and budget.

Trailwood Development Group Inc. will:

  • Intermediate between the General Contractor and the client, being the single point of contact for both parties, ensuring proper execution and processing any extras and change requests.
  • Manage scheduling, ensuring all parties are properly advised of critical timelines, and adjusting schedule, should unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • Provide client with weekly status update.
  • Provide a copy of all site inspection reports to Client.
  • Work with the General Contractor to ensure all the required inspections are fulfilled, and passed with no deficiencies.
  • Attend Site reviews/meetings

Upon project completion, we will provide you with a closeout report containing final drawings, progress pictures, field reports, and change notices.